Ga-Afrika originated from a passion for travel and a love for Africa. I prefer to share this passion with everyone! I want to give as many people as possible an unforgettable Africa experience! My name is Lisanne and I have been able to travel a lot in the last ten years. In 2012 I visited (South) Africa with my friend for the first time and since then this continent has been in my heart. The beautiful nature, the wild animals, the different special cultures and the friendly people. I like adventure and in this way I discover a lot of good (but also bad) tips for other travelers. With Ga-Afrika, I make my greatest passion my job and I offer others the chance to fall in love with Africa as much as I do. The stories of travelers who enjoyed their trip is the ultimate goal!

I live and work in Cape Town, which is a dream come true. From here I undertake many nice trips and I still discover new things about our environment and Africa.