16-day trip through the beautiful nature of Botswana

Visit Botswana for the beautiful unspoilt nature and for a super safari experience. Botswana is beautiful, very beautiful! This journey takes you through different national parks that all differ in what they have to offer. Botswana has it all: Vast salt plains, large baobab trees, far-reaching savannah landscapes, swampy rivers and of course lots of wild animals. What makes Botswana so beautiful is that you experience the beauty of nature in its purest form, without tourism or other human intervention having left too much mark on it. Botswana is pure enjoyment for nature lovers.

Camping trip from € 1600 pp. Based on 16 days with a group of 2 people. Price includes car rental with full camping equipment, campsites and a few nights stay in hotels, excluding flights.

This trip offers you a basis and you can making adjustments to your own liking. Botswana is a bit more expensive than Namibia or Uganda for example, because the parks in particular are more expensive in terms of entrance and accommodation.

You have several options to reach Botswana. You can fly on Gaborone, on Windhoek in Namibia or Livingstone in Zambia, they all offer a good start for this trip. Don’t you have that much time? Then you can best plan your outward and return flight from other airports; for example on Windhoek and back from Livingstone.

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve could be the first park you visit. The CKGR consists of different “pans”, these are plains where you can easily drive around to take in the beautiful vast savannah landscape and to spot animals such as ostriches, various antelopes and lions among grasses. You can stay here for a few days so that you can see several parts of this large park. Some pans are busier than others but the park is very quiet in general; in some parts you will only see one or two other cars in one day.

The Magkdadikgadi Pans National Park is nice to visit during the dry season (May to October) so that you can spot many animals along the river bed in the east of the park. The magkdadikgadi park is known for the huge salt plains. However, you need some extra time to visit it. From the magkdadikgadi pans national park it is a short drive to Nxai pans national park (Nxai is pronounced n-click with your tongue-ai). Nxai park is sandy, in order to drive here you have to deflate your tires a bit. This national park offers beautiful savannah landscapes, again a salt flat but the highlight is certainly the famous Baines Baobabs. Famous for being shown on an old painting, it is a beautiful sight: huge, age-old trees and a very typical view.

From Nxai pan it is a few hours’ drive along an asphalt road to Maun, a fairly large place for this part of the country where you will find some restaurants with a more “Western style”. In Maun there are also a lot of things to do, depending on your budget and how much time you have, we can advise on this. From here you can, for example, view the famous Okavango Delta by plane; probably the only way you see this beautiful landscape to the fullest. You can also go into the Delta with a mokoro: a kind of African canoe where you are pushed over the water by a ‘poler’ that stands on the canoe. In Maun you can stock up on some things before you continue your journey.

From Maun you drive into the Moremi national park, this is the national park that brings you further into the Okavango delta. The delta is a beautiful swampy environment and incredibly green; something very different from what you have seen before. We will advise you in advance about where you can go best and from where you can also take a nice boat trip. In the delta you see other animals such as hippos and crocodiles. From the national park of Moremi you will continue to the Chobe national park where you will return to the drier savannah landscape. There is an enormous number of elephants in Chobe, but lions and hyenas are also often spotted. From Chobe you drive to the border with Zambia to end your journey at the world famous Victoria Falls.

You can easily extend this trip by visiting the Caprivi strip of Namibia. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities so that this trip fully meets your wishes.