You have to put in some effort to stand on top of Lions head, but you will be rewarded for that. Up the mountain you have a magnificent view over the city, Table Mountain, the coast, the sea and Robben Island! First read the information below and you are ready to go. Ps you secretly have a better view from Lions head than from Table Mountain, but not everyone of course needs to know that ..

Fantastic views over Cape Town, Table Mountain and the surrounding area. A nice hike that most people will be able to complete.

Signal hill road, you can’t miss the parking space for the Lion’s head walk (see map). There is always enough parking space and there is also parking possibilities on the side of the road. On your left you will see a soda / snack cart, this is where the route starts. From here you take a path that rises steeply, going left when you are in front of the snack cart.

Depending on how hot it is, it can be advisable to start this climb at the beginning or the end of the day. It is also possible to admire the sunset from Lion’s head, then bring a flashlight for the way back! There are often a lot of people that do this, so you don’t have to go back down in the dark alone.

How long?
Depending on your pace you can walk there and back in about 1,5 to 3 hours.

Totally free!

Good to know
Wear good shoes, the majority of the route is rocky. Take enough water with you, you cannot buy anything on the way or at the top. For the daredevils there is a choice halfway between taking a steep (rock climbing!) Path. You can also just take the path on the left so that you continue the same type of path, this will take you to the same point at the top.