From Cape Town, Cederberg is an excellent trip for a weekend to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Vast mountains, beautiful nature, tranquility and the possibility to hike and see rock paintings. Highlights for hikers are: the Maltese cross and the wolfberg arch that can be reached via the wolfberg cracks. Since Cederberg is far away from cities with a lot of light pollution, you can optimally enjoy the starry sky here.

Walks / hikes
You can go for a great hike in Cederberg and the range is very large! Highly recommended are the walks around Sanddrif.

  • Maltese cross hike: A hike of several hours between huge rock formations. The hike starts flat but you will also have to climb a bit. The mountains around you, the tranquility and emptiness makes it a beautiful walk!
  • Lot’s wife & Window rocks hike: A shorter walk, closer to the road. Here too you only have to climb to a limited extent and you mainly can enjoy the mountains around you.
  • Wolfberg Cracks hike: A hike for the true adventurer! You climb a total of 1.6 kilometers and it is sometimes a bit hard to find the route (definitely buy extra information with your permit!). If you think you can’t go any further, it really starts and you climb over and under boulders. It is more than worth the effort! You have beautiful views over the area and walking through the narrow cracks is super special. Personally, this is the coolest hike I have ever done.
  • Wolfberg Arch hike: This hike (which goes beyond the cracks) has been closed since a fire in 2016.

There are also many mountain bike trails ranging from 7 to 30 kilometers, bring your own mountain bike!

Cederberg is about 200 km north of Cape Town, it takes a 3 to 3.5 hours by car. From Cape Town you drive north on the N7, the fastest is when you take the exit 27 km past Citrusdal to Algeria, here you drive into the Cederberg Mountains. Keep in mind that the last part of the road will be over unpaved paths, these can be driven with any kind of car. You will therefore though be slower with a small car. It is possible to take a different route on the outward journey than on the return journey. For example, on the outward journey you can take the R303 exit at Die Dorp Op Die Berg towards Cederberg and on the way back via the N7 at Citrusdal or Clanwilliam.

For the walks as described you need a permit that you can get at the reception on the grounds of the Cederbergwines.

All year round, although it can be cold and wet in the Cape winter (snow can be on the tops of some mountains) and very hot in the summer

How long?
From Cape Town you want to take at least a weekend off to visit Cederberg, ideally at least 2 nights. This gives you the time to make beautiful hikes and you are not just driving up and down.

There are a number of hikes that you can do, for most of them you will need a permit (+ – 40R), which can be purchased at Kromrivier Cederberg Park (the office / reception of a local winery). Spending the night in Cederberg is possible in different places and therefore varies greatly in price, in general a night is cheaper than in Cape Town.

Nice to know
You can do many outdoor sports in Cederberg such as mountain climbing and mountain biking. Star gazing is amazing here! There is an observatory, which is open to the public on Saturdays (buy a ticket at Kromrivier Cederberg Park) where you can get more information about our galaxy and can search the sky with a telescope. Be sure not to miss a visit to the wine farm to taste how the wine is produced at these heights. On the way back to Cape Town you can buy delicious fresh fruit in Citrusdal.