The population of Uganda is incredibly friendly; something you will notice throughout your trip and which gives this country extra charm. In addition, it is also a very beautiful country: with various landscapes such as savannas but also jungle. In addition, you have the opportunity to see much of the life of the locals. The country is still relatively undeveloped, but the standards for travelers are good and mass tourism has not yet discovered Uganda.

Camping trip from € 1100 pp .: Based on 16 days with a group of 2 people. Price includes car rental, campsites and some hotels, excluding flights.

Luxury accommodations from € 1800 pp. Based on 16 days with a group of 2 people. Price includes car rental, accommodation and single meals, excluding flights.

Although it is common in Uganda for tourists to be driven by a guide, our experience is that you can very well undertake your journey in Uganda independent and drive yourself. Do you prefer a driver for your trip? Then count on €500 extra with your travel sum.

You arrive at the airport at the only real big city that the country knows: Entebbe airport near Kampala. Depending on the time you arrive and the time you have available for your trip, you can discover the city for a day. Do you not like busy African cities with the accompanying chaotic traffic? After arrival, go to a beautiful accommodation along Lake Victoria. You can relax and enjoy freshly caught fish here. If you have time you can also make trips to Ngamba chimpanzee island or the Ssese archipelago; a beautiful island group to spot birds.

Very special and for many the reason to travel to Uganda are the gorillas that you will find in a day (6 or 7 hour) drive from Kampala in the Bwindi National Park. A permit to spend a day looking for gorillas with a small group and a guide, however, costs $ 650 (€ 550) per person (except in April, May and November it costs $ 450 pp), because of the high costs we have this out the travel sum left to give a good picture for those who may find these costs too high. A nice alternative and slightly less expensive is visiting chimpanzees ($ 150 / € 127 pp). It is very impressive to see this species of animal that resembles humans in its natural environment. You go into the jungle with a group (for example in the Kibale forest) to look for a chimpanzee family. You often have to walk a lot for this and climb and clamber because chimpanzees don’t follow hiking trails. The animals are fairly used to people so you can get very close as long as you have respect for their environment. An unforgettable experience! You can also spot many other monkey species during your stay in Kibale or Bwindi.

In the same area you will find Queen Elizabeth park, this is famous for its tree-climbing lions (normally lions cannot climb). You can undertake a nice safari in the park and also spot other animals than the lions. Not far from Kibale and Queen Elizabeth park you will also find a large number of crater lakes, few tourists visit this area so you can enjoy this piece of nature in peace. A day walking along a lake ensures that you can enjoy all the beautiful flora and fauna, and you also see how the local life from up close and you will experience how friendly everyone is.

Depending on your interest, you can then choose from two options: bird watching in Semliki park or wildlife watching along the banks of the Nile in the Murchison falls park. Depending on your interests, you may end your Uganda adventure in Jinja, a town east of the capital Kampala where especially water activities are popular such as white water rafting and kayaking. Are you not that active? Then there are also plenty of options to end your journey in a relaxed manner.

The above trip gives you the opportunity to visit many of Uganda’s highlights in 16 days. Do you have more time ..? Then there is much more! We are happy to put together your journey. Take a look at the country page of Uganda to get more inspiration and contact us so that we can think with you and make you a tailor made offer.