Time for safari!

Etosha National Park is thé safari destination of Namibia. There is an enormous salt plain in the park. You spot animals fairly easy due to the dry landscape and low vegetation. Etosha has the largest population of black rhinos in the world. You can go on a game drive by your own car in the park where the animals often gather around the waterholes. You will find 114 animal species including elephants, lions, giraffe, cheetahs, hyenas, zebra, springboks, kudus, jackals and much more. There are no buffalo and so it is not a Big 5 destination. It is nonetheless worthwhile to visit Etosha!

The park can be entered through 3 gates: Galton Gate in the West, Anderson Gate in the South, Von Lindequist Gate in the East.
You can stay in accommodations or camp within the park. It is advisable to always book this in advance. There are six different camps. From West to East: Dolomite (safari style tents), Olifantsrus (camping only), Okaukejo (camping, rooms and chalets), Halali (camping, rooms and chalets), Namutoni (camping, rooms and chalets) and Onkoshi (chalets)
View the map of the park here: https://www.etoshanationalpark.org/media/Etosha-Map2.jpg

You can easily combine a visit to Etosha with Windhoek, Swakopmund, Skeleton Coast, Kaokveld and / or the Caprivi Strip.

You can visit Etosha NP all year round. There are two seasons: wet and dry, with both advantages and disadvantages. The dry season (May to October) offers the best opportunity to spot animals because the animals migrate to the water holes. The wet season (November to April) can be very hot. The dry landscape then makes way for a green paradise, which is favorable for spotting birds.
The opening times of the gates depend on sunrise (between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM) and sunset (between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM).

How long?
Etosha is not a destination that you want to pass by quickly. Stay at least two nights in or around the park. Do you also want to relax during your trip? Combine Etosha with one of the lodges just outside, where you can enjoy some luxury.

Admission per international visitor per day: N$ 80 (children under 16 free) and per vehicle N$ 10 per day.
Game drive: N$ 650 per person
For an overnight stay in a room or chalet: between N$ 900 and N$ 1800 per person.
Camping: N$ 350 per person per night.

Good to know
Since 2018 it is not allowed in parks of the NWR, which also includes Etosha, to take plastic bags. Be aware of this when you do your shopping before you enter the park. A ranger will possibly check your car before you enter the park.