You can go with Ga-Afrika on group tour! Several times a month there is the possibility to join one of the amazing group tours organized.

Are you a solo traveller that wants to discover Afrika, but rather not do that all by yourself..? Do you travel with friends but don’t you want to drive the long distances and rather enjoy everything you see along the way..? Or would you like to see a lot of Africa in a short time span? Then book a group tour!

There are several possibilities; ranging from adventurous to relaxing and from basic to luxury. You can choose between a maximum group size of either 12 or 20 people, between camping or being accommodated and between a trip including or excluding excursions.

Tours vary between 4 days in Kruger NP to 55 days of discovering Africa. Most trips will be 2 or 3 weeks and of course are adjustable to your specific wished. Prices start from 395 euro per person, including all meals.

Book your group tour with Ga met Ga-Afrika to one or several of these countries:
South Africa,
– Lesotho,
– Zimbabwe,
– Zambia,
– Swaziland,
– Mozambique,
– Malawi,
– Tanzania,
– Kenya,

Contact Ga-Afrika so we can see which group tour suits you best and to enquire about the departure dates for 2019.