Cape Town and surrounding area is a famous place for surfers. After all, in the European winter the weather here is lovely and there are good waves and wind. This makes especially kite surfing a popular activity.

Kite surfing on the Atlantic Ocean, but also wave or wind surfing and SUP are among the possibilities.

There are several good spots for kitesurfing and places where you can rent gear. Bloubergstrand is located on the north side of Cape Town and is easily reached by bus from the center. Kitesurfing is great here and there are plenty of shops where you can rent your equipment and companies that offer (kite) surfing courses. You can park your car here directly on the beach, so you don’t have to drag too long with your gear.
Muizenberg is located on the South side of Cape Town, here you can go kite surfing in the wind season (September to March), but you also have good waves here so you can change it up to a day of wave surfing.
Langebaan is 100 km north of Cape Town and is a real surfers place; kite surfing is the main activity here.

You can surf all year round in Cape Town. In South African summer (European winter) the weather is really nice to go surfing! But also in the South African winter there are very nice days, so you can just get in the water. With a good wetsuit, any weather type is of course great, there are always good waves. From October to March it is “wind season” and these months are therefore very suitable for kite surfing. If you are not yet an experienced kiter, you can also take kitesurfing lessons aside of these months.

How long?
Are you visiting Cape Town for a few days in your journey? Then definitely take a day or an afternoon to experience the surf vibe of Cape Town. Plan a lesson in advance if you have never surfed before or rent for an afternoon some gear and get on the water! Do you not like surfing? Then certainly consider visiting Blouberg, Langebaan or Muizenberg .. It is a wonderful sight to see dozens (sometimes hundreds) of kiters on the water, especially in the windy season! A nice view from a relaxing terrace with a drink.

Taking (kite) surfing lessons is not very cheap. But that is not the case anywhere in the world, so why not do it on one of the most beautiful places in the world ?!
Depending on your level you can take a day, 3-day or 5-day lesson. A lesson usually takes 3 to 4 hours and is of course under the guidance of an experienced instructor and the boards and kites are included in the price.
There are many surfing schools and the prices differ slightly but this gives a good indication:
1 class: € 100 pp
3 classes: € 250 per person
5 classes: € 350 per person
Renting gear: complete set (board, kite, bar and wetsuit) € 45, only kite and bar € 30, only board € 15 euros, only wetsuit € 8.