The Garden Route is a must see on the Western Cape. The route along the beautiful coastline has charming towns and fun activities to offer. One of those charming places is Knsyna, where you can easily spend an afternoon and an evening.

Knysna is located on a lagoon, making water sports and boating popular activities. In addition, many events are organized (see: when).
Do you only have a few hours to spend in the afternoon after a travel day or are you just driving past Knysna? Then definitely visit the Knysna heads! A beautiful lookout point where you the views reach both the Knysna lagoon and the Indian Ocean.
In the evening you can eat in one of the many restaurants on the waterfront. Oysters are fresh in Knysna. In the afternoon you can enjoy a nice drink at Thesen island fot sunset, for example at Sirocco.

Knysna is located on the Garden Route along the N2. Both the waterfront (in the center), Thesen island (South of the center) and Knysna heads (on the South-East side) are well signposted from the main road.

In Knysna many festivals are organized throughout the year, there are events several times a month. Keep an eye on the website of the local tourism office:

How long?
Knysna is often used as a stop-over location on the Garden Route. However, Knysna can also be a good base to stay for several nights and to visit Tsitiskamma, monkeyworld and beaches.

Access to Thesen Island and Knysna Heads is free.