The Skeleton Coast owes its name to the many ships that stranded for this coast. A number of the ship’s skeletons are still visible from the shore. It is a rough and deserted area, but it is easily accessibel. You drive for hours in this area without hardly meeting other people; with the rough sea on one side and the high dunes on the other. The Skeleton Coast is described by some as a desolate area, this area contains a beauty caused by its simplicity and vastness. Stop en route at one of the abandoned mines, ghost towns or at one of the shipwrecks along the route.

Cape Cross is home to a large colony of fur seals (often also referred to as sea lions), the estimate is around 100,000! The animals crawl past each other here. Make sure you bring a scarf or something else to keep in front of your nose and mouth, because the smell can be a bit intense. In spite of that it is a great fun sight to see how the animals live together in this large amount!

The Skeleton Coast runs from Swakopmund to Mowe Bay. The road is indicated as C34 but you don’t have any other options here either. Past Torra Bay you can continue along the coast but you will eventually not be able to continue your way, unless you are a very experienced 4×4 driver and are up for a great adventure. From Torra Bay you can turn into the inland, after returning through the dunes to the more inhabited world you can for example travel to Palmwag or Twyfelfontein. You can also go on an adventure from here to the Kaokveld, located in the north-west of Namibia. This area is known for its desert elephants and you will find the ocher-covered people of the himba tribe here.
Cape Cross is located on the Skeleton Coast, about 150 km North of Swakopmund. You can also spend the night here at the Cape Cross lodge which also hosts a campsite.

The Skeleton Coast is easy to visit all year round. In the summer (November to April) it can get very hot during the day and in the winter it can cool down at night. You can take both of these into account by leaving on time or after the heat of the day in the summer, and by not going camping along the coast in the winter.

How long?
You can visit the Skeleton Coast and Cape Cross for a day trip. From Swakopmund you can take a day trip to Cape Cross. From Swakopmund you can drive via the Skeleton Coast to Palmwag, which takes about 6 hours (without stops). To break the journey you can spend the night or camp at the Cape Cross Lodge.

A room at Cape Cross Lodge costs N$ 1450 per person based on two people, including breakfast and dinner. Camping is N$ 130 per person per night.