Colorful Uganda is best known for the gorillas that you can visit here as one of the few places in the world. However, the country has much more to offer and is still relatively undiscovered. Especially the friendliness of the locals is overwhelming. Add to that beautiful savannas, tropical forests, good safari possibilities and special tribes that you can visit and you have a great Africa destination.

Uganda has been completely safe to visit since the 90s after the end of the civil war in the north, though the rest of the country has been safe for much longer. However, the population is generally poor by western standards, but very cordial. When you drive around, children come smiling and waving at you, calling you “Mzungu”, which means white person, out of enthusiasm. Uganda is still relatively undiscovered and therefore gives you the opportunity to take a look at “real” Africa.

There are a number of very famous attractions, but also a number of less well-known destinations are very worthwhile. Contact us so we can put together a great trip for you.

  • Jinja offers a variety of activities such as rafting and kayaking, and according to the Ugandans this is the source of the Nile, which flows from here all the way to Egypt and ends in the Mediterranean. The location on the river bank gives this city a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Sipi falls gives you the opportunity to visit this beautiful waterfall, make beautiful walks in the area and driving in the mountains here gives you beautiful views.
  •  The eastern region of Uganda is rarely visited, here you can see how the locals live from up close. This is also the region where the Karamojong tribe lives, this tribe measures its wealth by the number of cattle they own. This means that no meat is eaten, but people live from the blood of the cattle mixed with its milk.
  • The Kidepo national park is located in the extreme north-east on the border with Sudan. Because of its location, it is not often visited, but this is absolutely wrong. You have beautiful savanna landscape here, good safaris and in the mountains you can visit the special Ik tribe.
  • Murchison falls national park is green due to its location on the water and is therefore a good safari destination. You can also take a look here at the most powerful waterfall in the world.
  • In Semliki national park especially the bird lover can indulge and in the nearby Rwenzori mountains you can undertake multi-day hikes with a guide.
  • Crater lakes are beautiful to visit for a walk. And many special monkey species live here in various places in the treetops.
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park is primarily suitable for safaris. In the southern part of the park you can spot tree-climbing lions.
  • Kibale national park is the tropical forests of Uganda where many monkeys live but which is mainly visited for trekking chimpanzees.
  • Bwindi national park is world famous for the possibility to see the mountain gorillas.

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