If you say South Africa, you automatically say “wine”! Just look at the labels of the wine bottles at the liquor store and you’ll see that a lot of wine is produced in South Africa, on the Western Cape to be precise. Stellenbosch is an iconic wine town and well known worldwide. You can drink very nice wines here but the area is also very nice for a walking or cycling trip.

Very many wineries where you can taste wine and / or have a drink. Endless vines and beautiful views. The center of Stellenbosch is also very cozy and has many beautiful old colonial buildings.

Stellenbosch is approximately 50 km away from Cape Town, depending on the traffic (avoid both the morning and evening rush hour!) It takes 45 minutes to an hour. Do you not hire a car on your trip? There are several organizations that offer day trips to Stellenbosch or with an uber it will cost you around 30 euros for a single ride. Our favorite wineries are on the R44 south of Stellenbosch, but throughout the area you will find beautiful wineries with delicious wines. Go and explore which one you like best!

The best time to visit Stellenbosch is in the South African spring or autumn, from March to May and September to December. In these seasons the temperatures in this area are very pleasant (20 – 25 degrees), while in the summer the temperatures can rise quite high (30+ degrees) and in the winter they fluctuate below 20 degrees. Most harvest festivals take place in February up to and including April, if you have the opportunity to attend one, it is definitely recommended! (you have to buy tickets in advance)

Some wineries (which have additional nice gardens) charge an entrance fee which you pay at the entrance gate, this is often 10 or 20 ZAR per person. For most wineries however the admission is free.
Normally you can choose between different wine tastings: white, red, bubbles or a mix, and with or without food pairing. The wine tastings differ greatly in price. You can taste 4 wines from 20ZAR.

Nice to know
Do you not only want to drink wine but also like to visit beautiful gardens? Babylonstoren, half an hour’s drive from the center of Stellenbosch towards Franschhoek, is a beautiful garden where you can easily spend a few hours. Of course you can also drink wine there and you can have a delicious lunch in the greenhouse. 010